Sheboygan River Update

Current USGS Stream Flow - Sheboygan River

Spring steelhead fishing has been great when the water levels are decent, the runoff brought in some nice numbers of steelhead.  Fish were eager to take streamers and big nymphs rolled along the bottom, and of course eggs produced fish as well.  The Sheboygan has been very unpredictable with water levels, it seems if you even mention the R word the water levels rise.  Any amount of rain will bring in fish but the water will get muddy and fishing will have to wait a few days to clear, but once it does clear it can be lights out.  Steelhead will be around for a few more weeks but then they head straight back to the lake, can't really blame them.  The DNR planted some Skamania strain steelhead a few years ago, will be interesting to see if they have a summer run on the Sheboygan.  Time will tell.

Inland trout fishing update

Trout season is officially open as of Jan. 1st, even with the cold temps of winter some very nice trout are around.  Big nymphs and streamers are the ticket for until the spring/summer hatches roll into high gear.  Last fall we had tremendous rains and the drifltess region got hammered...the fish survived it pretty well, the areas of stream improvements did not.  Fish are still there, but the traditional holding spots may have changed from all the flooding.  If you have an update for me please let me know.  Good luck out there.

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