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12/8/10- Sheboygan River Report

Sheboygan Report. 

Well the colder temps have finally arrived with a vengance...it's been below freezing for the better part of the past few weeks and the fishing has finally come to a close.  Why the word finally?  Because this has been one of the strangest Fall runs I have ever seen.  Everyone is pretty much saying the same thing.  Of course the Kings were around for their predictable time frame, and even some nice Coho's were caught this Fall, but the browns and steelhead were just not around like they should have been.  I have spoken to many friends, guides, and other fisherman that truly know how to fish and they agree.  It wasn't the water levels in my opinion, we had decent flows but don't get me wrong we could always use more water, the weather and water temps I think were part of the problem.  It was unseasonably warm all the way through the first week of November, which was great for salmon in the morning, then some smallie action in the afternoon, but it was bad for the steelies and browns.   

Many people have asked me if I think it was the budget deficit the DNR had in 2006 and didn't stock as many fish...these boys are on a four year cycle, so do the math... I am not convinced that was the case entirely.  There were a ton of Kings this year, maybe they stocked mostly Kings and not many Browns or Steelhead.  But the steelies and browns don't always die, they can and do return to the lake and make another spawning run...so I just really don't know what to think. 

On a personal note my excuse is pretty simple...lack of confidence.  This whole steelhead thing is really a mind...you know what.  One day you hook 3 fish the next nothing.  It all boils down to confidence in your flies, in your tactics, in your drifts, and your mind.  Silly as it sounds it can make a difference.  I had many clients have some fantastic days out there, Steve got his Grand Slam and Ed got his trophy Browns, but we really had to work for them.   

Ed and I started his trip and it was 19 degrees, but he was rewarded huge!   Two browns over 30" and one was 32"!  He's a great guy and great fisherman which was the sole reason he did so well.  I would spot fish and his casts were perfect, the pictures tell the rest of the story...but here's the problem...I went back and caught some fish for 3 days after his trip, then they were ALL gone.  I of course began to wonder if someone had kept a few which would really piss me off because they were pretty neat fish.  But I think they just moved upstream, did their thing and were gone, back to the lake.  On the steelhead side of things I think the run never really materialized...a trickle here a trickle there, but no solid numbers of fish were in the river.  The only positive side of that is the Spring run may be excellent.  But who knows?  Hopefully the steelies will come in during the winter and we will have a nice Spring run to make up for the Fall...but that's  a long way away.  I guess the only thing to do is tie tons of flies and wait, or of course break out he tip ups and all the other ice fishing gear.  I have some friends that do the whole ice fishing thing...I just don't get it, I haven't caught ANYTHING through ice, I guess I need to work on my confidence with that too? 

Happy Holidays to everyone that reads my posts. 

Thank you to all my clients that booked a trip with me, I greatly appreciate the business and friendships with you all and look forward to seeing you on the river.

 I loaded up some pictures from Ed's great day, just a reminder that some fish were actually caught during the Fall! 

Happy Holidays to all and see you in the Spring! 

Gordy @ Tie One On Guide Service


11/4/10- Sheboygan River Report - Grand Slam

A few months ago I got a call from a great guy who contacted me after reading my article and wanted to go fishing.  He was after the Grand Slam, I made it VERY clear the Slam is all about timing, and a little luck of course.  He booked me for 2 days, which increased his chances greatly for the Grand Slam...speaking of lucky, this guy knows how to fish, experience from Alaska and other great destinations, the luck was all in my favor, because he is a very good fisherman.

So we meet finally last Friday and his arsenal would pretty much make anyone drool.  Sage & Loomis rods, Tibor reels and just all around great equipment, he came to the show with serious intentions.  I thought to myself this is the greatest, a client shows up with the very best equipment and a great attitude, sometimes things just fall into place. 

Steve is a wonderful guy, smart, easy going, and down right hysterical.  Once rigged up and ready to go we started the day by a few rod bending salmon and maybe find a brown or two.  Steve landed his 40" salmon with regularity and was soon after the next species for the Slam.  We broke for lunch and decided to target browns and steelhead during the twilight hours.  We fished a great run with no luck for about 2 hours, a few salmon were moving around, but we were after steelhead...it wasn't to be.  The sun was setting and I started to see several salmon moving around quite a bit, it was getting dark and Steve wanted to quit.  I was thinking to myself quit?  Not now, it's about to get good, sun is going down, fish are moving and this might heat up.  Steve was fishing all day, I could see he was getting tired, so I pleaded with him to stay for just a little while and then we will leave.  He gave me that "you have got to be kidding me" look...the one where if we keep fishing it will possibly be a total bust, especially if we don't catch a fish...he agreed to keep at it, and I know he is glad he did.  I scouted some water downstream and found 3 or 4 active Kings, BUT behind them was a nice shadow with a nice squaretail and lighter colors.  I wasn't positive but I had a feeling, you know the feeling...Mr. Brown!  However I wasn't sure...it was getting dark!  Steve was resting a bit and I told him to come down by me very quietly and slowly, no fast movement,  be very quiet and methodical.  I asked if he could see the salmon...he wasn't sure, I asked if he could see the shadow behind them, he wasn't sure.  So I said make ONE cast behind the salmon, one cast and I will help you from there...3 casts were all he needed.  The flies stopped and we were on, I wasn't sure if it was brown or a fresh female King...she rolled and then I knew, mind you it was getting dark!  I told Steve it was a very nice Brown, let's do this!  He played the fish perfectly, and after a nice fight he landed the second part of his Slam.  He exclaimed his trip was already made, it was  pretty nice fish.... 

Saturday...7 AM 

Pick up Steve and he is in his waders, I was impressed.  Our best shot for steel was right out of the gate that morning.  I rigged him up on a chuck and duck rig and he was fishing perfectly.  Sure enough it happened on our second run through some prime steelhead water.  The rod stopped and he set the hook, the rest is history.  He did a perfect job of playing and landing his first steelhead.  Job well done.  So of course he looks at me and says we only have one more!  I was literally in heaven, dream client here for sure.  So we decided to end the day with some more salmon fishing because the sun came out and I didn't see any steelhead or browns during high sunlight.  We were fishing for salmon and I saw a nice red sided Coho, this one was totally my fault...Steve hooked a nice little Coho . it was pretty fresh and zipping all over the place, I was in perfect position to land him but you know how this one ends...technically I touched the leader, which in the salt water world counts, but this little Coho saw the net and was gone...so technically the Slam was made, but instead of 4 Slam photos we only got three.  I think Steve was happy too none the less. 

Steelhead and browns are around, Kings are just about done, the Cohos are fun little pint size fish compared to the Kings...but the Steelhead and brown fishing should be "OK" from here out, a little rain would help greatly.   

Tight lines! 



10/20/10- Sheboygan River Salmon season

Sheboygan River Report October 20th 

The Sheboygan is full of fish, almost all Kings.  The fishing is good. 

This fall I've had many people new to the sport go out for a trip...some I have helped via the internet and given them my advise for whatever that's worth.  I have been talking with Tom for quite a while and have been trying to help him with getting acquainted with the sport.  He bought his first rod, a 5 weight which I think is the essential first fly rod and we set a time for his first outing...we finally met up last week for their very first time on the water. 

Tom and his friend Tom, I now refer to them as T&T, met me in Kohler and we were off.  It's funny how when you are new to something it can be intimidating.  Especially fly fishing, I can remember my first day like it was yesterday.  You always remember your first of anything, say for instance your first beer, your first kiss, your first...well you get the picture...I was sure T&T would remember their first day of fly fishing because they did really well.  We agreed to fish for salmon then hit the upper Sheboygan so they can use their new rods and fish for smallmouth.  The day went great, T&T both caught some very nice salmon, then we went to the upper Sheboygan and did very well again on the smallies.  New rods in hand, it was pretty cool to have them listen to me and process everything I said, they were like an open book, with nothing to compare any other aspect of fly fishing prior to their first.day.  For me the greatest compliment is when someone praises my tactics, praises my "teaching ability" and praises the day.  T&T gave me the ultimate praise when they both said it was a day they will never forget, that is ultimate for sure.   

Steelhead are around but not in any real numbers yet, a few have been caught.  Browns will be next on the agenda, they are not far off, a little rain would help greatly, but the King Rodeo will be around for another couple weeks, then it's time to gear up for some steelies. 

Tight lines, 

Gordy @ Tie One On Guide Service



9/30/10- Salmon season - Game on !

One season ends as another begins. 

It's the end of trout season here in Wisconsin, for those of you that know me... it is fair to say I am a tried and true trout guy.  I just love the whole process of trout fishing, especially here in Wisconsin.  I have been rewarded with some real trophies, and some that eluded me all season long did just that, eluded me till the end of season.  I know where they live, but they don't get big by being stupid, that being said I hope they spawn to their hearts content and continue the genetic strain of beautiful but weary trout.  I hope all of you had a safe and memorable trout season, and landed your trophy. 

Like I said... as one season ends and another is just beginning.  The salmon are in for sure and the rodeo is officially on.  If salmon fishing is your  thing then get up here, they are in and running around like crazy.  It's funny to go from a 15" trout to a 15 pound salmon in one week, but that's the deal.  I've had clients land salmon then go after trout or smallmouth bass which just blows my mind.  Thomas AKA "The Kid" was back in town for his fathers SCCA National Championship car race and did just that!  Thomas had never caught a salmon, so he did very quickly mind you and then wanted to go chase smallmouth on the upper Sheboygan!  Really quite a unique experience to fish with Thomas, he was double hauling my five weight and throwing streamers over 50 feet to big smallmouth sitting behind rocks etc...it was really a treat to fish with Thomas, he is one of a kind. 

Back to the rodeo...salmon are around big time, on beds, and in the deep holes.  Browns have made a appearance, and some steelhead too, but in very limited numbers.  We are still in the early part of the season, but with the cooler temperatures and a little water it could change over night.  I think October and November will be good for both browns and steelhead, if you want a current report call me because it can change very quickly as we all know.  So we are now officially into the salmon/steelhead season and I wish everyone a safe and productive season. 

Tight Lines! 

Gordy @ Tie One On Guide Service

8/30/10- Gearing up for Salmon season !


Featured article in Flyfishing & Tying Journal - Fall 2010

"The Sheboygan Grand Slam"


"The Dennis Hopper"

 It's hard to believe August is already half over but it is!  With the heat and humidity, fishing has been best in the morning or very late in the afternoon into the evening.  Terrestrials are for sure the way to go.  Ants, beetles and my favorite... grasshoppers.  Without question the bigger fish key into these high protein tasty morsels... if the presentation is right you can have your hands full.  I have been fishing hoppers with clients for over a month now.  We have missed a few big fish as well.  The only problem with fishing hoppers is that you get one chance at it.  If you miss  the hook set or the fish simply misses the fly... it's over.  They generally will not come back.  The smaller fish will sometimes become too eager and come back for another wack at it, but if it's a bigger fish he will stay down for a while. 

I have missed a few big fish over the past weeks and I finally  landed him yesterday.  I tied up a new pattern dubbed the "Dennis Hopper" after the legend himself.  A # 10 hook with a yellow foam body,  trimmed delta style, ginger hackle wrapped over orange goat hair with yellow and black rubber legs topped off with a caddis style wing.  Floats like a cork and is easy to see.  Best part is the fish really like it too.  No matter where you are fishing you should give the following some thought...if it's hot use heavier tippet, I have been using 3x (6 lb) 10 foot for my hopper fishing.  Two reasons, it's hot...if you play fish in this heat it will die.  The fish I caught yesterday was on my line for literally 15 seconds.  It was very short cast of 10 feet, and with 3x tippet I could totally manhandle him very quickly, greatly increasing his chances of survival.  Yesterday it was cool weather and cool water temps.  With lighter tippet and longer fights the chances of a trophy fish making it go down quickly.  There is no need to use 5 x tippet with hopper fishing,  3x tippet makes the fly turn over much nicer and is easier to cast.  Just some food for thought. 

Ok back to the fishing...I missed a nice fish several weeks ago on a stretch I have dubbed "hopper alley" actually the whole river looks like hopper alley with all the grasses and other vegetation, so hoppers are a great go to fly.  I have found flat water with deep cuts and deep holding spots will produce some violent strikes. Always fish the deepest and darkest spots where it looks "fishy".  Big fish hold in prime spot, they can occupy the prime areas because of their size, so keep that in mind when fishing hoppers.  I got a great first cast to land right close to the bank, had nice flutter working when I saw the flash I nearly set the hook to fast, but he was really keyed into the "Dennis Hopper" and just nailed it.  Like I said the 3x tippet ensured a short battle, he was in hand very quickly, snapped a few pics and he was on his way.  Hopper fishing is great this time of year, and will only get better.  Mornings are a great time, and of course afternoons into the evening is worthy as long as it's not too hot. 

So if you like hopper fishing now is the time! 

Tight lines and good luck with "Dennis Hopper"! 



Thomas aka "The Kid"

Last week I received a call from Tom E. who is up racing at Road America for the June Sprints, he drives a Mustang and is the Southern Region defending champion in SCCA.  Great guy and congrats on your 3rd place finish Tom!  He  has a 15 year old son Thomas who is an avid fisherman, they live in South Florida so he is used to catching all ocean fish from Wahoo, to Tuna ,and just about everything else.  He has even caught sailfish and marlin!  Tom Sr. gave me a call and said his son would like to go fishing for an afternoon.  One of the greatest things about guiding is the people you meet.  I of course said I would love to take Thomas out, but Dad has to go along, he's only 15!  I asked the usual questions...can he cast, can he wade. can his attention span last more than an hour?  His answers were all yes, yes, yes.  I was happy to see a father that had that much confidence in his son, however I have had several people say yes and show up needing a few pointers, no big deal.  Tom was saying that his son is so into fishing they call him "The Kid" in southern Florida.  Apparently he is pretty well known as "The Kid" in the fishing world down there.  I was hooked. 

We meet at 3 PM at a local resort they were staying at and Thomas is wearing jeans and a short sleeved shirt, his Dad is in shorts and a short sleeved shirt too.  It was hot but I thought these boys are going to die with the mosquitos and all the other critters out there in the Wisconsin wilderness, after a quick apparel change we were off.  Thomas aka "The Kid" is just a wonderful young man, we talked about Florida and all the fish he catches down there, he is very knowledgeable about fishing.  He told me how he hooked a 150 pound tarpon off his dock on a fly rod and the tarpon was so big it was screaming line off his reel so fast he couldn't believe it... and how the fish was so far out a boat came and cut the line and the rest is history.  Can you imagine that?  This kid is 15 years old. I nearly stopped my truck and said you really hooked a 150 pound tarpon?  He said that was nothing compared to the marlin he caught!  Ok I got it, he's "The Kid". 

I thought I was in trouble because he is used to catching ocean fish, which are so strong and so fast, nothing compared to a 10" brown trout caught on a dry fly.  But Thomas was way into it, he had never fly fished for trout on a river before, just the ocean.  Can you imagine going from the ocean to a river that is no more than 10 feet wide?  Well Thomas was up for it big time.  He was like a sponge, listening to everything I would say, put it there, hit that rock , let it drift...he did it all with amazing accuracy and confidence.  This kid can cast like a champion, sure he would make a few casts that didn't hit the mark, we all do...but his casting ability was magnificent.  After about 30 minutes he caught and landed his first trout on a fly rod.  Certainly not a record, but still his first ever trout on a fly rod.  He was pretty excited, we all were.  Thomas continued to cast perfectly and I decided to try a grasshopper pattern to try and raise some bigger fish, which we did.  Thomas was doing everything right, he had already caught 7 fish or so, none more than 8 inches tops.  But we were still having tons of fun.  We were in a very nice section of the river which has lots of hoppers later in the season so we started to throw hoppers.  Second cast he rolls pretty big one, probably 11 or 12  inches, maybe bigger, the trout takes the fly and heads directly under the bank like bigger fish do.  We finally landed it and Thomas was so pretty happy, as was I.  We rolled 2  more bigger trout the same day but they just missed the fly.  I could see Thomas was hooked on this whole trout on a dry fly thing which I thought was so cool.  Being able to go from the ocean to catching trout on a dry fly is really the end of both spectrums, big time. 

Mark my words, you will hear about this kid some day.  He already fishes tournaments, does very well too!  He casts like a champion, ties his own flies, captains his own boat in the ocean...alone!  I mean the kid is unreal.  Granted he's only 15 but he is well on his way to becoming a master.  The hours we all spent together was pretty special, to see a Father and Son together, doing something they both enjoyed is ultimately what it's all about. The fish are just a bonus.  Congrats to both of you! 

Tight lines to all. 




Rising Trout and Morels! 

Spring is in full force up here, the fish are rising to dry flies and the morel mushrooms are around.  Both are hard to find, but with a little patience and luck both can be had!  The dry fly activity has been pretty good on the overcast days with caddis, BWO's and of course the size 26 or maybe 28 white midges hatching.  Those tiny midges are so small it's unreal.  I have been using an elk hair caddis # 14 with some pretty good luck.  The key is to have a long leader, perfect placement along the feeding lanes and wait for a take.  Usually the strike is pretty fast and hard, after along winter of no dry fly fishing it may take a few fish to get back into the swing of things...I missed several fish the other day but hopefully I now have my game back. 

Morels are out there too!  So cool to be walking along and find the mother load.  This whole morel thing is pretty secretive, so all I can say is that they are out there.  If you find one you will most likely find more, so keep an eye out and good luck with the morels! 

The dry fly action should be very reliable from here on, caddis, BWO's and even some Hendricksons have been hatching on the local rivers.  Won't be long before the hex hatch gets into full swing too!  Big flies...big fish! 

Tight lines and happy morelling! 

Gordy @ Tie One On Guide Service



Fishing Update April 21, 2010 

I was in Indiana last weekend visiting family.  My brother & sister in law live in Indianapolis and over the years we have fished for smallmouth bass on some of his local rivers.  A few years ago we timed the white bass run perfectly and literally caught fish every cast, it was just insane, this year we were a bit early.  However, my brother in law has put the hammer down on smallmouth bass fishing in the past few years and insisted we go out with Chad.  One of the owners of Wildcat Creek Outfitters.  Of course I was up for the day but had serious doubts regarding the caliber of fishing.  My brother in law has been talking about Sugar Creek for a very long time. He kept saying you have to see this place, it's unreal...well let me tell you it's unreal.  We launched at a local park and right out of the gate my brother in law nails a beautiful 17" male smallie that was just fantastic.  Literally within 30 feet of our launch site he has a great smallie.  I was thinking wonderful, this day will be all about him, he will out fish me, do everything right and I will not catch a fish.  We are competitive in a very good way and I owe everything to my brother in law.  He gave me my first fly rod 17 years ago.  He was there when I caught my very first trout, a guided trip on the Wood River in Sun Valley Idaho that he arranged.  Like I said I owe it all to him, he literally planted the fly fishing bug that I have today and will have the rest of my life.  I am lucky to have him. 

Back to Sugar Creek!  This place is crazy!  You can't believe the water clarity, crystal clear and full of fish.  My brother in law hooked a 3 foot longnose gar!  That's right a gar!  It was unreal, Chad wanted nothing to do with it, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  The creek is really a river, a big river.  Indiana has some strange regulations on what is a river and what is a creek, Sugar Creek is a river in every sense of the word.  The DNR and local outfitters have rallied for some great regulations on Sugar Creek, one of which is a 20" minimum!  That's right 20"!  The fish are big and strong, I highly recommend fishing it sometime if you are in Indiana with nothing to do.  You will not be let down.  The scenery is great, high bluffs, springs that flow into the river with waterfalls, bald eagles, tons of birds, just a great place.  In Indiana of all places!  Go figure.  Just in case you wanted to know who won, my brother in law did...he landed about 12 fish or so, I did well, but he out fished me for sure.  I had about an hour of the "long line guide release" which kept me out of the hunt for being the man of the day. 

Wisconsin...the steelhead run is essentially over.  The Sheboygan has perfect water levels but the fish have all made their exodus back to the lake.  There are some around but nothing like few weeks ago.  The smallmouth fishing will pick up once the water warms up a little more, it won't be like Sugar Creek but the Sheboygan has some decent smallies for sure. I of course love trout fishing during the spring, and the trout fishing has improved.  Fish were looking up the other day when I was out and caught 4 in a matter of an hour. Small midges and  elk hair caddis were working well. 

The trout fishing should only get better with warm weather and hatches starting already.  I have seen some Hendricksons, tons of midges, elk hair caddis, and BWO's.  The dry fly fishing should be great in a couple of weeks. 

Enjoy the spring weather! Tight lines. 





April 11th 

The Sheboygan is still raging at 750 CFS, so we are still in waiting mode for the river to fall back to normal levels.  I am hoping the water temps and air temps don't rise too much in the coming weeks.  The steelhead fishing could be stellar once the rivers are fishable.  I would say by the end of this week we could be in business as long as the rain and water brought in more fish, I can't imagine it didn't.   

The high water and rain can be great for streamer fishing the local creeks and rivers.  I use big streamers and try to imitate minnows and sculpins.  I know where a pretty large brown lives on one section of river, I missed him once already this year, so with the rain we had I thought I would give him a shot.  Water levels were high, looked very unfishable, muddy and just plain nasty.  First cast, HUGE swirl, missed him!  Damn!  Count to ten, one two three OK ten!  Second cast, another huge swirl!  Missed him again!  Come on!  I put the barb down on all my flies but I know that was not the reason, I just plain and simply missed him.  Ok, count to ten, one, two, three , ah hek ten!  Third cast...perfect placement, perfect strip, prefect depth, gigantic swirl, I hesitated for one extra millisecond and bam!  He nailed it this time, he meant business.  I was using 10 Lb tippet, so I landed the fish real fast took one picture and he was on his way unscathed.  He had a big black heron mark above his dorsal fin from when a heron tried to make him a meal a few years back, I sure am glad he made it past that! 

Out of sheer lunacy I decided to try one of our local brook/brown trout streams, it's a class one stream but is only fishable in the early season, the grass and trees make it incredibly difficult fishing once things start to grow..  It's crazy small, you can literally step across it in most areas.  I have seen trout dart back and forth when I have scoped it out in the past, but the prospect of actually using a fly rod was a going to be real challenge.  It's impossible to nymph or use a streamer, so I put on an elk hair caddis and hoped for the best.  I came across a very fishy stretch and really focused on the task at hand.  Deep breath, cast...bam!  Beautiful wild brookie...what these guys lack in size they make up for in sheer beauty.  I highly doubt that fish was ever caught before.  I had to roll cast about 20 feet so he wouldn't see me, the fly had to float about 15 feet down the river (I was fishing from upstream) and set the hook.  Nothing short of a miracle.  I will be the first to tell you I was lucky, for sure.  But I was doing something right, because I went 6 for 6.  All fish were so small it was a joke, but their beauty makes up for it all.  It's hard to imagine one week you can be catching 30" 15 pound steelhead, and the next catching 6" Brook trout and loving it.   

Steelhead fishing will be here again before you know it, so check the water levels and keep your fingers crossed that all this rain brought in more fish.   

Good luck  and tight lines. 




Sheboygan River update. 

Easter Sunday to remember... 

Last fall I got a call from J.S. down in Chicago who wanted to fish the Sheboygan.   We have been trying to time it right for several months, he finally pulled the trigger on Easter Sunday of all things, which turned out to be a great call.  We didn't see one other fisherman the whole day.  We met at sunrise which is always a great time of day.  Upon arrival to the river, steelhead were everywhere, we were both blown away.  Big fish were rolling. moving in and out of deep holes, just literally everywhere.  The key was to learn the steelhead form the suckers which are in the river for their spring migration to spawn.  Once you master the ability to determine the steelhead from the suckers the fishing can be epic. 

JS is a good fisherman, casts well, drifts well, listens well, just a very good fisherman.  I would tell him "put it there" and sure enough, he would do it.  It paid off for him big time.  He went 4 for 8 for the morning.   All in all he did a great job, way to go J.S. very nice fish! J.S had brunch with his family in the early afternoon so I thought I may as well catch a few myself.  The weather was getting really sketchy, cloud cover moved in, it started spitting rain and all of a sudden the fishing really turned on.  Classic steelhead weather.  I found fish in deep holes, moving in and out all over one stretch of river.  It was one of those days you dream about.  I had countless hook ups and landed a total of 17 steelhead over a period of 5 hours.  It was by far and away my best day of steelheading ever.  One problem, no one was there to witness any of it...just me and Mr. Steelhead.  It was a day that will be hard to beat, I was laughing out loud on my walk back to my truck, and the whole way home.  Every fish was on my newly dubbed super fly..."the blue moon guide saver".  It's a simple crazy looking fly but steelhead love it. 

It's raining here, we are supposed to get an inch, fingers crossed.  That means one thing, the steelhead fishing will be good for a while.  The conditions are as close to perfect as you can get.  Some silver fresh fish, some great colored fish, red cheeks, dark red lines on them , just great looking fish.  If you have the time, this is it...because as always with steelhead fishing, it can end as soon as it begins. 

Good luck and tight lines! 

Gordy @ Tie One on Guide Service.



Sheboygan River Update

Quick update... 

I guided both days last weekend, with my clients landing some nice steelhead I thought I would give it a try myself.  It was warmer, I thought that would make a difference, well that it did.  I went 7 for 8.  The fishing was tremendous.  I was fishing alone so landing these brutes and getting decent quality pictures was a real task, but some turned out well.  Some fish were on beds, I basically left them alone, all fish were caught in deep holes and riffles. 

Fishing is pretty good right now, so hurry up before it's all over! 

Tight lines! 




Sheboygan River Update

The Sheboygan water levels have finally dropped to wadeable levels and the fishing has picked up significantly.  Both browns and steelhead are holding throughout the river.  Some are hold over fish and some are fresh, go figure.  Small #'s of steelhead are on beds and doing their thing.  Most fish are holding in deeper water and pools, the key is to get the flies in front of them...and hold on.  As always the majority of strikes are coming at the end of a long deep drift.  Friends of mine are out using switch rods and long cross current spey style drifts are getting thunderous strikes. Fish can be in the fast currents and also in the deep holes, the key is to fish as much as you can, cover all potential holding lies.  Traditional flies, egg patterns, streamers and egg sucking leeches are all a good bet. 

Guided on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was made with Brian landing a beautiful steelhead after a perfect drift and Sunday was fantastic with Marcy going 2 for 3, landing a trophy 29" brown.  Way to go Marcy!  She also did a great job landing a super hot steelhead that was all over the river!  Nice job. 

The steelhead fishing should be decent for the coming weeks, the warmer weather we are supposed to be having may really turn things up a notch.  Early season rates are good till May 1st!  Call for daily conditions as they can change very quickly this time of year! 

Early season special guide rates until May 1st.

Half Day one person $150.

Full Day $275.00 (Lunch Included)

Additional angler $75 

Call for river info and day to day fishing report, it can change quickly this time of year! 

Tight lines and good luck ! 

Gordy @ Tie One OnGuide Service




Early Trout season and River Reports. 

Early season for inland trout began March 6th, with all the snow we had this winter walking and wading was pretty difficult...but the die hard guys were out in force.  The water was cold, maybe high 30's tops, however in the past week we have had a huge warm up and all the snow melted and the rivers are now basically in flood stage.  Local trout streams are high but very fishable, given you can adapt to the situation.  Large nymphs will produce fish, but streamers will bring out the larger fish that haven't seen a fly all winter.  They key is to find where they are holding and strip along holding areas by the banks and cover.  I missed a huge brown yesterday, he exploded on my black rabbit strip streamer and missed it...twice.  Or should I say I missed him twice, either way we didn't connect, but I know where he lives, that's for sure.  Small black stoneflies are around and hatching, but nothing is rising with all the sub surface activity going on.  Nymph fishing is a sure bet, scuds, and little black bead head nymhs will produce fish. 

Steelhead Update.

The rivers are high and blown out right now, which is good I guess, rather have too much water than none at all.  The Sheboygan is high and muddy, the Pigeon as well.  Once the water level recedes and becomes fishable the steelhead fishing should be very good.  Right now it's just a waiting game.  The water needs to come down alot, we have had a major runoff this week, and I would think it will be several days to a couple of weeks before the steelhead fishing improves.  However once it does get back to fishable levels it should be very good, if not great.  Last spring both the Sheboygan and the Pigeon had great fishing up till early May.  So get ready for the spring steelhead run, it will be here before you know it. 

Early season special guide rates until May 1st.

Half Day one person $150.

Full Day $275.00 (Lunch Included)

Additional angler $75 

Call for river info and day to day fishing report, it can change quickly this time of year! 

Tight lines! 

Gordy @ Tie One On Guide Service 




Happy New Year to all you fly fisherman out there!  Obviously we are in the full grips of winter here in Wisconsin, the last day I wet a line was Christmas Eve, the mercury was actually above 32 degrees.  Fished some open water on the Sheboygan and went home after about an hour, to tie flies, and I'm still there.  Winter is always good time to get organized, hit a few shows, and restock your fly boxes.  Maybe even create your own fly to try in the spring! 

It's only 44 days till early season here in Wisconsin.  I believe it's the 1st Saturday in March, unless the DNR changes the regulations, the official DNR site has yet to update the 2010 regs.  During early season remember to release all fish very quickly, especially in colder temps.  I have had some amazing early season days stripping streamers through deep dark holes.  The big browns are always hunting for a big meal, and not seeing a fly for several months increases your chances of landing a real brute. 

We have plenty of snow on the ground, so the spring run off should be decent for steelhead fishing.  Last spring the fishing was very good for several months.  Even the smaller tribs held steelhead for a long time, which is always nice. 

Anyone that's considering heading out with me I do an early season guide rate till April 1st.  Half day is $150 and full day is $275 (including lunch).  The fishing can be very good as long as you can handle the elements.   

Happy tying and think spring! 

Gordy @ Tie One On Guide Service





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